Desarrollo organizacional: una lectura Jossey-Bass


  • Ángel Wilhelm Vázquez García Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. Unidad Iztapalapa


Palabras clave:

Strategy, organizational change, organizational behavior


It is a compendium of 47 chapters where from two big perspectives, an academician and other one managerial are inserted the discussions that go from the simplification of the change with a model of consultancy, up to his complexity to understand itself in a scene of uncertainty and permanent conflict. That is to say, this book of text can be seen as a guide to implant certain strategies of planned change, since there are combined both faces of the same currency: a where the DO is outlined as tool by possibilities of offering effective results or, for other one, as product of a serious theoretical reflection from the power, the relations grupales and the contingency. 



2009-12-01 — Actualizado el 2022-02-01


Cómo citar

Vázquez García, Ángel W. (2022). Desarrollo organizacional: una lectura Jossey-Bass. Revista Gestión Y Estrategia, (36), 111-114. (Original work published 1 de diciembre de 2009)